Winning Together

You have ambitious plans and want to win the competition in your area?
That requires top pigeons.
Our website can help you discover the quality of our pigeons and the success that others had building on them.

Happy Fanciers: Gaby Vandenabeele, Chris Debacker, Leo&Gerry Dockx, Tom Van Gaver, …

Everything in One Place

Easy to see the Relation with our Old Bloodlines

Better Informed Decision on how to become Successful

Also frustrated of browsing numerous webpages to find out the complete info on our pigeons? Now you can find everything nicely organised on our new website.

Good pigeons are all about their origin but this info is not always easy to find. With the “Relations Tool” it is very easy to navigate between pigeons that are related to each other.

Through the numerous references you can find out who else booked success with our pigeons.

How to visit our new website?

  1. Click on
  2. Navigate through the different topics
  3. Contact us if you need more info
  4. Enjoy!

What do you get as visitor on our new website:

  • A clear overview of our most important stock pigeons, breeding pigeons and racing pigeons over the years.
  • A clear overview of the relationships on a pigeon level and easy navigation system between them.
  • An overview of successful pigeons that are based on ours, the name of the fancier and the % Cools Pigeons on each of them.

Chris Debacker

“At the end of 2001, I went to my friend Rik Cools and bought 3 hens, one of them was the daughter of Bieke. Bieke was one of the best middle distance hens at that moment. In the first year my hen became the mother of my first provincial winner and second provincial ace pigeon. That was the start of my successful middle distance races.”